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Publishers: Blackstone,
Harper Collins, Apple News+
Languages: Fluent French,
Fluent Spanish(Castilian accent),
fluent Italian,conversational German
Accents American: SAE, Brooklyn,
Southern, Mid-Western European: British (RP, Cockney, Regional);
Irish; Scottish; Australian; French;
German; Spanish; Italian, Russian
Home Studio Details: 
MIC: Neumann TLM 103
DAW: ProTools
CONNECTIONS: SourceConnect, Zoom,
Skype, iPhone, Landline
VOCAL BOOTH: Acoustically treated closet with carpet and sound proofing blankets

What People Are Saying:

Winsome Brown is a force of nature supreme. Winsome is extraordinary, she has a musicality
that lends itself naturally and organically to the work. Her reading allowed me
to understand more about what I was revealing in SARAH, which I had not yet processed.
Laura Albert aka JT LeRoy
The performance alone is spectacular, the voices delightful and vivid.
Audible review
So imaginative and deeply moving. Winsome Brown is a perfect reader. She completely transports
the listener to this crazy world, giving subtle but distinct voice to all its characters,
and conveying the action sequences with calm, but urgent precision.
Audible review
This is one of the best audible books that I have gotten to listen to. Having read the book prior, I was blown away how much the narrator’s voice
matched up with the character’s voice in my head. For me, I know that a piece of art such as a book is great when
the character’s voice stretches beyond the pages and resonates in my imagination. I hope there are more audibles to come
by this amazing author and the incredible narrator of the masterpieces. 
– Audible review